Themes Info

The themes/layouts that appear here are 100% free to use with credit! All of the code and art assets are created by me, with most fonts being sourced from dafont. I usually try to find fonts that are 100% free to use, but some may be for personal use only, so please read the information on each theme for further information.

As a disclaimer, I am a beginner hobbyist coder, so some of the code may not be optimized/correct. All of the code, however, should work with minimal errors. I would offer my help if you run into any issues, but I am not confident in my ability to help. Therefore, please refer to a resourse like W3 Schools or MDN Web Docs for troubleshooting.

However, if you need an explaination for how I structed the code, please refer to the comments left within the code. I try to annotate the code for your ease of understanding.

I do not condone the use of these layouts for hateful, illegal, or NFT/AI work.

How to Get Themes

  1. Create a folder and create a new file in the folder titled 'index.html'.
  2. If you want to use the same fonts used in the layouts, the fonts should be listed on the layout preview. Please download them and put them in the same folder as the 'index.html' file.
  3. With the layout in your browser, hit 'ctrl+U'. This pulls up the html of the layout. Copy and paste this into your 'index.html' file.
  4. Drag your html file into your browser to confim that everything looks right. If it does, please read the notes in the code before editing, as I explain how I have set up the layout.
  5. Please remember to change links within the navigation section to read from 'theme/theme-name/index.html' to just 'index.html'. They are written like this in the theme to not conflict with my own site.